When are the best days and times to come?

Although anytime is a great time to visit Canobie Lake Park’s
Screeemfest, our experience has been that Fridays and Sundays
(non holidays) tend to be less crowded than Saturdays. 
We also recommend arriving before 6 PM.

How do I have the most affordable trip possible?
Check out our Friday Discount Coupons which will be available in late September
at our participating retailers (McDonalds®, Restaurants, Market Basket® Supermarkets,
Tedeschi® Food Shops). Friday Discount Coupons will also be available on specially
marked cans of Mountain Dew with our coupon printed directly on the side! 
(Click here for details and more information about coupon availability.)

Is Group Registration available?
Yes! Please click here for Group Information and Registration.

Is there a parking charge?
Of course not!  Parking is always FREE at Canobie Lake Park.

Can I bring food and beverage to the Park?
Unfortunately, no.  Outside food and beverage is not permitted through Park gates.

Can I wear a costume?
No.  Although it is the season for costumes, please leave the haunting to us! We also ask that you do not wear masks, face paint or costumed makeup.

Are the haunts wheelchair accessible?
Our haunted attractions are designed to accommodate conventional wheelchairs and Electric Service Vehicles – although certain elements/effects will require the use of an alternate pathway.

Do I have to pay extra for haunted attractions?
There is no additional charge for UNLIMITED visits to any of our haunted houses (The Dead Shed, Merriment, Inc., the Village, Cannibal Island, Virus as well as our NEW family Petting Zoo). We do have scary thrills that may have an additional fee such as the “Last Ride”, or a hack at the “Autopsy Table”.

Are the haunts scary?
The short answer is, yes of course they are – that is the idea, after all. We suggest parental guidance for children 13 and under.

If you wish to enjoy the haunted attractions without the worry of everything jumping out at you, you may elect to purchase a “Monster B’Gone” necklace at the entrance of the Park or at the entrances of the haunted attractions.

Are the haunts for kids?
Certainly not the little ones. We recommend parental guidance for children 13 and under. 

What is there for kids?
We have plenty of kid-friendly fun, including our new Petting Zoo at the Pumpkin Palace open on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00 to 5:00pm! We will also be operating a majority of our “kiddie rides," including our Kiddieland area. Don't forget to watch for our monster parade which begins at 7:30pm through the Park.

What types of special effects are in the haunted attractions?
Our haunted attractions are designed for all five of the senses.  The Dead Shed and the Village have a “Claustrophobia” effect where the “walls” are literally pushing against you.  The Dead Shed and Merriment, Inc. have smell machines with some of the foulest scents known to mankind.  Strobe lights and Fog effects are used in multiple areas. Pending wind conditions, fog may be present throughout the Park. 

Dead Shed - Strobe Lights, Down Feathers, Latex, and Walnut Shells (have not been used for 4 years)
Merriment Inc - Strobe Lights, Claustrophobia Effect, Spinning Tunnel
The Village - Strobe Lights, Claustrophobia Effect, Latex, Fog
Head Hunters - Fog
Virus - Strobe Lights and Haze

Please note: You may inform a house greeter if you have a particular allergy to anything listed above and we will arrange passage avoiding areas of concern.

Haunted houses are too scary… what else is there for me to do?
If you wish to enjoy the haunted attractions without the worry of everything jumping out at you, you may elect to purchase a “Monster B’Gone” necklace at the entrance of the Park or the entrances of the haunted attractions.

If haunted houses are just not your style… you still have come to the right place!  We have plenty of rides (including our wild roller coaster, UNTAMED!), games, food and live entertainment for you to enjoy, plus our popular OKTOBERFEST celebration in the middle of the Park! That's a lot of fall fun all in ONE location!

If I get scared, can I get out?
Yes. If you are inside of a Haunted Attraction and feel that you cannot continue, approach the nearest actor and request to exit the attraction.  The actor will direct you to the nearest emergency exit and will escort you out of the attraction.

Will the actors touch me?
No.  And we also ask that you DO NOT TOUCH THE ACTORS.

What live entertainment do you have?
Be sure not to miss the exciting tribute to the music of AC/DC show, BONFIRE live Sept. 14 - Oct. 27 on the Midway Stage, You'll also want to catch the incredible Side Show Variety Show, also appearing on the Midway Stage from Sept 27 - Oct. 27. Click here for more info.

There will also be a Monster Parade at 7:30pm throughout the Park!

When do ticket sales, rides, and haunts close?
The last ticket will be sold at approximately 1 hour before the scheduled Park close.  Please note that the earlier that you arrive, the better opportunity you’ll have to take advantage of your favorite attractions.  All rides and haunts close at the published closing times, weather permitting.  This means that ride and haunt lines may close earlier than Park closing based on crowd conditions.


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