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EQUINOX! Equinox Video


When can you take flight?
EQUINOX, our newest attraction, is ready and waiting for you to take a scream-inducing flight... or more!

So what's an EQUINOX, anyway?
It makes night and day equally thrilling on a ride that takes excitement to new heights. EQUINOX combines the feeling of free-form flight with rotations in several directions - often at the same time. If you love radical rides, EQUINOX will not disappoint!

How does EQUINOX work?
As you can see by the picture above, there are three large arms that revolve around a central hub on the end of a huge boom. Each arm holds 8 riders (4 riders on each side) who are securely harnessed in an "open-seat" configuration (meaning your feet don't rest on a platform). The boom lifts riders to a height of almost 75 feet into the air while the arms begin to spin around the hub.

Oh... and each arm also flips independently, giving you the sensation of spinning every which way all at once. Climb aboard EQUINOX, and you're in for quite a ride. And a whole lot of screaming!

Are there height restrictions for EQUINOX?
Yes. You have to be at least 54" tall and no more than 77" tall to ride EQUINOX.