boston tea party

Ride Heights

Guest with larger body proportions are invited to test the ride carrier prior to waiting in line for an attraction. Some rides are restricted by height or physical limitations. These restrictions are established for your safety and will be strictly enforced. Please check for signs posted at each ride entrance for guidance.

Refusal to follow the Ride Operator’s instructions can result in removal from the Park without a refund. Cameras, large articles, glass items, food or beverage are not allowed on the rides and should be left with a non-riding Guest. Our ride attendants are not allowed to hold articles for Guests. Canobie Lake Park is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items at a ride. Rides with height restrictions are listed below.

Height limits are subject to change. Some rides temporarily close during electrical storms, heavy rains, high winds and other severe weather conditions. There are NO REFUNDS due to weather or attraction closures.


Canobie “500”48″ minimum (driver only)
Corkscrew48″ minimum
Da Vinci’s Dream48″ minimum
Dodgem48″ minimum
Jungle Bounce36″ minimum
Pirate Ship48″ minimum
Star Blaster52″ minimum
Timber Splash42″ minimum
Turkish Twist48″ minimum
Untamed48″ minimum
Wipeout42″ minimum
Xtreme Frisbee54″ min.77″ max
Yankee Cannonball48″ minimum
Zero Gravity48″ min./77″ max


Boston Harbor Patrol42″ min. or w/supervising companion
Boston Tea Party40″ min. alone, 36″ min. w/supervising companion
Caterpillar48″ min. or w/supervising companion
Dragon Coaster42″ min. or w/supervising companion
Giant Sky WheelChildren under 48″ must be accompanied by a supervising companion
Jump Around36″ min. or w/supervising companion
Log Flume42″ min. alone, 36″ min. w/supervising companion
Over the Rainbow42″ min. or w/supervising companion
Psychodrome48″ min. alone, 36″ min. w/supervising companion
Skater48″ min. alone, 42″ min. w/supervising companion
Twist & Shout48″ min. or w/supervising companion
Wave Blaster48″ min. alone, 42″ min. w/supervising companion


Alpine Swing48″ maximum
Autobahn48″ maximum
Flower Power48″ maximum (age 3+)
Junior Sports Cars48″ maximum
Kiddie Canoes48″ maximum
Kiddieland48″ maximum
Mini-Dinos48″ max./36″ min.
Mini-Skooter48″ maximum
Sea/Land Rescue48″ maximum


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