log flume

Water Rides


Castaway Island

Proper Swimwear is Required

Open thru Labor Day

Castaway Island is now closed for the season. The Castaway Island Rain Fortress that was installed in 2005 featuring 9 small water slides, a giant tipping bucket and over 180 ways to get wet is open daily from 10:00am-6:30pm, weather and temperature permitting. The expanded portion of Castaway Island is expected to open a bit later this summer.

boston tea party

Boston Tea Party

Height Requirements: 36" Min, under 40" accompanied by a supervising companion

* Operates thru 9/16

The Shoot the Chute water ride promises to make a huge splash. With a fifty-foot drop and nearly 250,000 gallons of water, guests will experience what it was like to be a crate of tea during the Boston Tea Party®. A large, 20-passenger boat travels up a hill and through a trough much like a flume. When the boat reaches the bottom of the hill, it creates a wall of water 50 feet high and 100 feet wide.

log flume

Policy Pond Log Flume

Height Requirements: 36" Min, under 42" accompanied by a supervising companion

* Operates thru 9/16

One of our most popular attractions on a hot day, the Flume combines the thrill of a roller coaster with the relief of a water slide. Your journey begins as you travel up and then down a small hill, meander through the woods, and then try your luck as you shoot the rapids. The ride’s climax is a 40-foot drop that plunges you into the water below.

Timber Splash

Tall Timber Splash

Height Requirements: 42" Min

* Operates thru 9/16

The Tall Timber Splash is a wet/dry water slide type ride. It contains all the excitement of a water slide, while allowing riders to remain fully clothed. Guests sit in rubber rafts that careen through straightaways and high banking turns at swift speeds.

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