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Group Registration

Please take the time to accurately and completely fill out this form. A group reservation requires only basic information and does not require a deposit. Upon submission of this form, our system will automatically generate a confirmation email within 48 hours. If any of the information changes or you wish to cancel your reservation or you experienced a problem with the automated system, please send an email to groups@canobielake.com.

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* Minimum of 100 tickets required for discount rate on Saturdays and Sundays.
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Educational Programs Physics Day is May 27, 2016
Interactive Classroom is June 1, 2016
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Method(s) of Payment Paying Together: Cash, Credit or Organization Check
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If you have trouble submitting this form, please e-mail us directly.

Want to add food options? 

Students meeting group minimums on school-sponsored outings may carry their own personal lunch. Food options are also available:

1) FOOD VOUCHERS may be purchased by any group meeting the minimum requirements to qualify for the group admission rates for an additional $9.25 per guest. Food Vouchers are redeemable at:

Trellis Food Stand
-Slice of cheese or
pepperoni pizza
-16 oz Soda
Poncho Cantina
- Two beef tacos
- Tortilla chips & salsa
- 16 oz Soda
Gables Grill
- Cheeseburger or
hotdog basket
- 16 oz Soda
Main Entrance Cart
- 2 cotton candies
- Bottle of water

2) If a CATERED MEAL is more your style, this will change the classification of your group and will be handled by our Corporate Sales Department. Contact Corporate Sales for all the details regarding available dates, minimum group sizes, catering times, etc., if you are interested in catered meals.