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Canobie Institute: A hands-on, minds-on learning experience. Canobie Institute Email Club

We're serious about making learning fun!

Real-life learning applications and case studies for your students in a fun and thrilling setting that features over 85 rides, games, live presentations and attractions! Students from around New England will benefit from attending the Canobie Institute. Canobie Institute educational programs will be available during May and June and are tailored specifically to enhance and reinforce your curriculum and meet the educational goals of your students. The programs you select can be further customized to ensure that your experience with us is justifiably educational and beneficial. Study areas include Physics and Science, Photography, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Language Arts, Music Performance and so much more!



Canobie Lake Park takes pride in being able to offer a large variety of educational experiences, allowing students to explore everything from the Park's business operations to the pneumatics that operate our attractions to experiments and live presentations. Our programs, workbooks, lesson plans and helpful cast members are available to assist your students in understanding that the principles learned in class really do translate into the "Real World."