jungle bounce

Kids Rides

Alpine Web

Alpine Swing

Height Requirements: 48" Max

The Alpine swing is a scaled down version of the Da Vinci’s Dream specifically designed for children who are unable to ride the adult version. Children sit in swings and are raised and spun in a circle.



Height Requirements: 48" Max

The Autobahn is one of the oldest and most popular kiddie rides the Park has to offer. With its 16 ride vehicles, children can choose from a fire truck, to a motorcycle, to a sports car.



Height Requirements: 48" Max

All aboard (ring … ring)! The Canobie Sparrow is ready to set sail for its maiden voyage across Canobie Lake. Be sure to board all passengers in your four-seater and be ready to ring your bell in case of pirates!

fire engines

Fire Engines

Height Requirements: 48" Max

Every kid wants to be a real-life firefighter and, on the Fire Engines, kids get the chance. Kids get to ride “Engine #1” with working bells that signify their upcoming arrival.

flower power

Flower Power

Height Requirements: 48" Max – Must be at least three years old or older to ride

Located directly behind Kiddieland, Flower Power is a children’s version of a popular adult ride called the Whip. Riders sit in small, two-seater cars that travel in an oval. As the cars go around the corners, they get “whipped” around to the next straightaway.



Height Requirements: 48" Max

On the Helicopter, kids get to experience flying their very own helicopter.



Height Requirements: 48" Max

Jeeps - On your mark, get set … GO! Race your way through the Baja and into the US desert and be the first to cross the finish line in your very own Hummer.

jump around

Jump Around

Height Requirements: 36" Min, unless with a supervising companion

The Jump Around is a fully interactive family ride that is sure to be hot among kids of all ages. The Jump Around combines beautifully themed ride vehicles with a unique interactive bouncing motion. Up to four children, or one adult and two children, can be accommodated in each vehicle.

jungle bounce

Jungle Bounce

Height Requirements: 36" Min

Passengers are slowly lifted approximately eighteen feet into the air and then lowered in a hopping fashion only to repeat the exhilaration three more times.

junior sportscars

Junior Sports Cars

Height Requirements: 48" Max

Leave the driving to the kiddos on this scenic car ride designed to put your little ones in control.

kiddie canoes

Kiddie Canoes

Height Requirements: 48" Max

* Operates thru 9/17

This is a slow moving children’s ride located next to the Log Flume. The boats are painted as birch bark canoes, traveling in a shallow canal of water past Native American scenery and through a man-made tunnel.


Kiddie Carousel

Height Requirements: 48" Max

The Kiddie Carousel provides young children the opportunity to enjoy the merry-go-round alone. Their first “big” ride! The Kiddie Carousel has “jumpers” (horses that go up and down) and “standers” (horses that do not move). Kids can choose to ride alone or next to a friend on a bench seat.

mini dinos

Mini Dinos

Height Requirements: 36" Min, 48" Max

The Mini Dinos is a rotating and elevating ride that allows children to experience the dinosaur age. Each seat is equipped with a buzzer that when pushed, makes the Dino “roar”.

mini skooter

Mini Skooter

Height Requirements: 48" Max

The Mini Skooter is a scaled-down version of the adult bumper cars, designed especially for children. Some of the cars can accommodate two children, while others are only designed for one. For the little ones eager to get behind the wheel, this is a good start.

pony carts

Pony Carts

Height Requirements: 48" Max

On the Pony Carts, our younger guests can go back in time and experience the simple times and gallop through the country on pony-drawn carriages.

sea land rescue

Sea/Land Rescue

Height Requirements: 48" Max

The Sea/Land Rescue is a rotating and elevating ride which features eight World War I “Red Baron” style biplanes. Each seat is equipped with a lever that when pulled toward the child, makes the plane “take off.”


Sky Fighters

Height Requirements: 48" Max

In 3 … 2 … 1 … Blastoff! Up, Up and away on the Sky Fighters. Kids get their first opportunity to fly to the moon aboard NASA flight CLP. But watch out, alien invaders roam the sky above - be prepared to target any unwanted spaceships in your travels. Good luck, young astronauts!



Height Requirements: 48" Max

Tanks - Let your imagination take over and ride the experience through Mother Goose’s fairy tales. However, if a nasty creature should happen to appear, be sure to zap it!

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