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Group FAQ

Canobie Institute: Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do we park our buses?

When your group arrives Security will greet you in our Parking Lot. Please make sure a Chaperone is sitting in the front seat. The Security Guard will ask the name of your group, how many buses you have and how you plan on paying. Your bus will be directed to the appropriate area of our parking lot. We reserve plenty of bus parking spaces according to our reservations for that day.

How do we get our admission tickets?

After the bus is parked, KEEP EVERYONE ON THE BUS! It is important for the safety of your students to keep them on the bus until they have tickets. A Chaperone or two should get off the bus and head to the admission gates. There will be several Group Sales Cashiers where you can purchase your tickets. When looking at the Entrance Gates from the Parking Lot head towards the right hand side of the complex. The Office closest to the Carousel is where Group Sales is located. There will be 4 windows in a row labeled “Group Sales” on the front side of that office building. KEEP THE CHILDREN ON THE BUS!

Do we get some free chaperone tickets?

Chaperone tickets depend on your outing’s total number of Guests and also the day of the week. Complimentary chaperone tickets¬†are only available for outings Monday through Friday. Unfortunately, on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays, complimentary chaperone tickets are not available. Otherwise, your group will receive one free chaperone ticket for every 10-group tickets purchased beyond 25. For example, if you have 72 people in your group, you will purchase 66 group tickets and receive six free chaperone tickets. Additional chaperones can purchase tickets at the Group rate. Complimentary chaperone tickets are not available to groups who elect to purchase tickets individually. Chaperone tickets are dated and only valid on the date of your outing.

Can we buy tickets for students who could not make the trip today to use on another day?

No. All tickets are dated for that day only and will not be valid on another day.

What if the Town made an organizational check out for too much money?

The Park will issue a refund check on the day of your trip. You may pick up the check at the Guest Services office on your way out at the end of the day. Should you forget the refund check,  we will have it mailed to the address of record.

What if we have late arriving members of our group?

You can leave tickets at the Group Sales office in a sealed envelope for late arriving group members.

What is needed to purchase the tickets?

You will need a total head count of all the students and adult Chaperones. Do not include the Bus Drivers in your final head count. Bus drivers are given complimentary admission to the park by our Parking Lot Security Officers. You will need an Organization Check, Credit Card (Visa, MC or Amex) or Cash to pay for the tickets. Personal Checks and Purchase Orders are not valid forms of payment. We cannot bill your school. Payment is required at the time of admission.

What if the Bus Driver brought his or her own children?

The Bus Driver can purchase tickets at the same group rate for additional children.

Can we purchase tickets in advance?

Tickets can be purchased in advance at our Business Office. Please call (603-893-3506 ext. 4854) to set up an appointment to take advantage of this time saving option. You may NOT purchase tickets in advance over the phone or Internet; you MUST come in person to the Park.

What do I do with all of those tickets?

After you receive your tickets you should proceed back to your bus and hand each person a ticket. It is important that each person holds their own ticket to speed things up at the turnstiles. Distribute tickets as your group gets off the bus. Do not wait until everyone is off the bus to sort out ticket distribution. Your group will not be allowed to approach the admission gates without tickets in hand. Some tickets will say Chaperone; make sure a chaperone has this ticket. A student may not use a chaperone ticket. If you have more chaperones than complimentary chaperone tickets it is acceptable for a chaperone to enter with a Group Sales ticket. Everyone needs a ticket to enter the Park gates! After the tickets are distributed head towards the center portico of the park entrance located right in the center.

Do the students have to keep their ticket all day long to ride?

No. At the turnstiles, everyone will exchange his or her ticket for admission. The ticket is kept by the Gate Attendants and discarded. Once inside the Park all rides and shows are included. We now issue a special stamp as you exit if you wish to return later in the same day.

Where can the students eat lunch?

We allow groups who have registered with us to bring in a bag lunch. Coolers are strictly prohibited. Grills and other cooking equipment are also prohibited. We have several areas inside the Park for groups to meet and have lunch. We do not provide picnic tables. You cannot reserve these areas; they are on a first come first served basis. We suggest that you place a chaperone in the area you plan to have lunch when you arrive. This can reserve your space and act as a meeting point for students who become separated from their group.

What if a student gets lost?

We DO NOT PAGE FOR LOST STUDENTS. Instruct your students to find a Security Guard or to go to Guest Services at the entry plaza if they become lost or separated from their group. We will do our best to reunite the parties. A meeting place staffed by a chaperone helps in times like these.

What if I have a student that requires medication during our trip?

We have a First Aid building close to the main gate staffed by EMT’s. This is a good place to meet up to dispense medicines. First Aid is located behind the Carousel, directly to your right once you enter the main gates. If the school nurse came on the field trip, it is a good idea to have him or her stationed near our First Aid office.

What happens if a student is injured during our trip?

When the injury is reported to the Park the student is taken to our First Aid Building for treatment. The head chaperone is paged to the front gate and sent to First Aid to fill out the appropriate paper work.

Do you have cubbies for students to keep their book bags?

Yes we do. All day locker rentals are available at the rental counter located across from the entrance to the Giant Sky Wheel. We have three sizes available: the small locker costs $10, a medium costs $12 and a large costs $15. We have a limited number of lockers and they will sell out. Encourage your students to buddy up. Chaperones may choose to set up a base camp to watch over book bags and serve as a meeting place for lost students. * Prices subject to change without notice. *

What is the Teacher's Lounge?

In the middle of the Park, in Ye Olde Boston, just across from the Boston Tea Party ride, upstairs from the Sons of Liberty Tavern is our new Teacher’s Lounge. Each group is given a limited number of TRANSFERABLE admission tickets to the lounge. The Teacher’s Lounge is a nice air conditioned place for teachers to relax with a complimentary cup of coffee and other light refreshments, read the newspaper, watch TV or grade papers. Students are not allowed inside the Teacher’s Lounge for any reason. You may trade off your pass to the teachers lounge to take shifts supervising the students and relaxing inside. The Teacher’s Lounge is staffed with a concierge who has access to scheduled departure times and other important group information.

Do you page the group when it is time to leave?

Yes. We will page your group when it is time to leave. You must go to Guest Services and request the page. Advanced reservations for announcements cannot be made and will not be accepted. We will page your group (up to 5 times) to your buses or to your meeting place. Individual names will not be paged, only registered group names. Bus drivers cannot request a page; only the head chaperone of the group can make the request.

What if a parent is picking up a student?

Guest Services can keep a list of parent pick-ups at the front gate. If a child feels ill during the day and calls their parent on their own, the Park has no way to monitor this. Tell your students in advance that they MUST notify a chaperone if they plan to leave the Park with a parent.

What happens if it rains?

In most cases the Park will remain open. Should prolonged predicted weather require the Park to close, the most accurate information will be given on the parks general message system at (603) 893-3506. If it rains during your visit, it is important to note that many attractions will have to close. We will attempt to reopen these attractions as soon as it is safe to do so. Direct students during periods of rain to our indoor attractions such as: Arcades, Gift Shops, food stand patios or the Canobie Mall. Guest Services can give you up to the minute weather forecasts and page your group should you decide to leave earlier then anticipated. There are No Rain Checks or Refunds in the case of inclement weather.

What happens if a student misbehaves?

Should a student misbehave and the matter is brought to the attention of our Security Department we will page/call the head chaperone of that group to come to our Security Office (located next to First Aid) to address the issue. Possible solutions are: asking the student to remain with a chaperone at all times, to ask the student to remain at the front gate under the watch of a chaperone or, in some circumstances, to ask the child to wait on the bus with a chaperone.


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