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Dodgem, or the bumper cars, is one of the few amusement rides from the turn-of-the-century that is still very popular today.

It combines the skill of driving with the stress-relieving ability of bumping into someone. This means that the other Guests on the ride also have the ability to bump into you. You also have the ability to bump into other Guests on the ride, at any time, from any angle.

高さ 48インチMIN


  • Wheelchair entrance is through the exit ramp and gate.
  • ライドシートはチャイルドシートです。
  • 正座ができ、着座姿勢をコントロールできる方。
  • お客様は、手と足で操作して運転できることが必要です。
  • Guests must be able to be restrained by a lap bar.
  • 荷物置き場へのアクセスや乗り物への搭乗には、同伴者の介助が必要な場合があります。
  • 突然の揺れや衝撃に弱い方は、このアトラクションに乗らないでください。
  • Be careful, the floor surface can be slippery