Castaway Island



The Rain Fortress

Open 10:00am-6:30pm daily thru Labor Day

The "original" Castaway Island Rain Fortress features over 180 ways to get wet including water slides, endless mazes of ropes, bridges and interactive elements AND a giant tipping bucket at the top! Castaway opens from 10:30am-6:30pm, weather and temperature permitting.

The entire Castaway Island (original Rain Fortress and the newly expanded area) will be closing for the season on Labor Day.

Expanded Castaway Area

Canobie Lake Park's Castaway Island is expanding into a water park for 2018!! A tidal river (think lazy river but with waves), a 60' tower with three water slides, The lil' Squirts Lagoon, private cabanas, a new restaurant, a tiki bar, new changing facilities and more!! This is all sitting to the left of the current Rain Fortress at Castaway Island with over 180 ways to get wet!

The entire Castaway Island (original Rain Fortress and the newly expanded area) will be closing for the season on Labor Day.

*On Labor Day Weekend, not all facilities or amenities will be operational. Additionally, some attractions may need to open late, close early or close temporarily.


Cano, the Goddess of Tides and Queen of Water reigned supreme. While traveling her coastal domain, a vision appeared in a tide pool telling her that her world would soon be lost. She was to take her three children, Earth, Air, and Fire, to a secluded oasis. Cano touched her finger to the sea and created an island. Over this island she placed Kanaloa, an octopus of protection. She then captured the sun and placed it beneath the octopus to create paradise.

Cano needed to send word to her three children to come to the island. She carved directions to this new home on the Tablet of Earth, the Tablet of Air, and the Tablet of Fire.

Cano, Earth, Air, and Fire all lived on this island for thousands of years in peaceful harmony. Cano created a water oasis, Earth created beautiful grounds, Air created a summer breeze, and Fire created the food that would sustain them forever.

Thousands of years later the tablets were found. Archeologists have been working for centuries to decipher the location of this cast away island and they are close. Kanaloa and the Tiki Guardians will ensure this oasis is preserved for all of time.

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