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Gift Shops

Gifts, souvenirs and more!

Stop by our numerous Gift Shops located throughout the Park for everything from everyday items to life-long keepsakes.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to ask!!  The following general items may be found in any of our shops throughout the Park.

Girls with hats on in gift shop
heritage gift shop

Heritage Gift Shop

Located at the Park Entrance Plaza

Be it the start of your day, throughout your trip, or before you leave for home, make sure to stop by our Heritage Gift Shop located at the Park Entrance Plaza to pick up the lasting memories of your time with us!

Lucky Miner Gift Shop

Located across from the Log Flume

Swing by the Lucky Miner Gift Shop for exotic souvenirs including gems, rocks, fools gold, and so much more! Plus, try your hand at mining in the rushing waters to uncover your buried treasure!

Tattoo Barn

The Tattoo Barn

Located by the Upper Train Station

Looking for your first tattoo? Stop by the Tattoo barn across from the Upper Train Station for a great selection of styles and designs. Don’t worry… it’s not permanent.

bear claw

Bear Claw Gift Shop (Operates thru 9/15)

Located at the exit of UNTAMED

After an exhilarating ride on our roller coaster, UNTAMED, stop by the Bear Claw Gift Shop to pick up that lasting keepsake or on-board photo.

Tropical Treasures (Operates thru 9/2)

Located inside Castaway Island

Located inside of our Castaway Island, Tropical Treasures has all of the necessities for splashing through a fun filled day at the Park!

fife and drum gift shop

Fife & Drum Gift Shop (Operates thru 9/15)

Located by the Boston Tea Party

While strolling through the “Ye Olde Boston” section of the Park by the Boston Tea Party ride, feel free to stop in to the Fife & Drum Gift Shop for great Canobie memorabilia.

Island Trader (Operates thru 9/2)

Located at the entrance of Castaway Island