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June 2022 Tidal River tidal-river-1.jpg
June 2022 Tidal River Close up tidal-river-2.jpg
June 2022 Tidal River & Monkey Bar tidal-river-monkey-bar.jpg
June 2022 Venetian Carousel at Night carousel_night_2019.jpg
January 2020 Canobie Lake Park Logo CLP_Logo
May 2007 The Xtreme Frisbee Ride clp_xtremefrisbee.jpg
May 2007 Close up Xtreme Frisbee Ride clp_xtremefrisbee2.jpg
April 2007 Park Entrance clp_entrance07.jpg
April 2006 Castaway Island Promotional Photo clp_castaway.jpg


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February 2020 Canobie Lake Park Full Page Ad (8.5×11) clp_fullpage8.5×11.pdf
February 2020 Canobie Lake Park Horizontal Half Page Ad (8.5×5.5) clp_halfpagehorizontal8.5×5.5.pdf
February 2020 Canobie Lake Park Vertical Half Page Ad (5.5×8.5) clp_halfpagevertical5.5×8.5.pdf
February 2020 Canobie Lake Park Quarter Page Ad (4.25×5.5) clp_quarterpage4.25×5.5.pdf


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August 2019 Twisted Circus 2019 Twisted Circus

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:05 Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH has over 85 Rides, Games, Shows and Attractions. Visit
:10 Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire has over 85 Rides, Games, Live Entertainment and Attractions, including our wild roller coaster, UNTAMED! For more information, visit

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