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Canobie Lake Park assists thousands of non-profit organizations through support of raffles, auctions and events.  If you would like to formally request a donation of tickets to Canobie Lake Park, please fill out our Online Community Submission Tool below.  You will need your Tax ID (unless a school), the official address of the organization and the date(s) of when the fundraising effort will take place.

Due to the large volume of requests received, we are not able to approve all requests.  If your donation request has been approved, the tickets will be mailed to the official address of record for the organization making the request to the attention of the individual making the request.  If your donation was not able to be approved, we don’t have a mechanism of notification.  If you do not receive ticket in the mail within 5 weeks of making the request, it is likely that we were not able to approve it this time, but you may feel free to submit a request for another event or fundraiser.

Our donations committee meets approximately once per month and we are not able to give live updates over the phone.

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