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Castaway Island

Castaway Island is closed for the season and will reopen in 2024.

Castaway Island is closed for the season and will reopen in 2024.

Castaway Island is included with Park admission.

Depending on weather and guest volume, there may be a wait time to enter Castaway Island. This wait time will increase in more favorable conditions.

Proper bathing attire is required for Castaway Island attractions.

Castaway Island's Tidal River

Think Lazy River but with Waves!

The centerpiece of the all new Castaway Island is the Tidal River. One of only a few tidal rivers ever created, guests enter a refreshing zero-entry wave pool before making their journey to the entrance of the river. As you glide past the Tiki Guardian, waves are formed every 10 seconds propelling you through a tranquil island oasis around our Slide Island.

Proper swimwear required and guests under 42″ in height must wear a complimentary life jacket.

Castaway Island's River Slides

Python, Anaconda & Constrictor

Take the River Bridge over the powerful Tidal River to get to Slide Island. Guests can walk up the 62′ tower to find three very different types of water slides. One slide is entirely open at the top so you can still get your sun tan while soaring down to the run-off pool. The second slide is entirely enclosed so you feel like your traveling through a dark tunnel in the tropics. The third slide gets wide, then skinny, then wide, then skinny, causing you to whip through the experience.

Proper swimwear required. Minimum of 48″ in height to ride. Single person uses single tube with 300lb max capacity and 2 people use double tube with a 400lb total max capacity.

Castaway Island water park at Canobie Lake

Castaway Island's Rain Fortress

Over 180 ways to get wet!

The “original” Castaway Island Rain Fortress features over 180 ways to get wet including water slides, endless mazes of ropes, bridges and interactive elements AND a giant tipping bucket at the top!

Riders must be at least 40″ tall to ride the tall dark green slides.

Castaway Island's Lil Squirts Play Pad

Perfect for the little ones!

This 2,900 gallon splash pad is perfect for your little ones to splash and play with a water depth of 0″-8″. The cool features include a spraying mushroom, banana and a water worm complete with palm tree and cartoon monkey. Plus, check out those coconuts on that palm tree, they may even spray you with water too!

48″ max height. Over 48″ may enter when accompanying a small child.

Castaway Island's Private Cabanas

Secure a private cabana for a truly personal service. The Cabanas at Castaway Island feature a private 12’x12′ covered area for up to 8 guests including private seating and lounge chairs. Plus, the Cabanas have televisions with 25 channels and 5 music channels, a mini-fridge, ceiling fan, and a personal code-locked safe.

Castaway Island's Monkey Bar

A refreshing adult oasis!

Take a sip on your perfectly crafted adult beverages while sitting on the elevated patio deck overlooking the Tidal River!

Castaway Island's Dole Whip Pineapple Bar

Amazing, sweet, delicious treat!

Walk away with an awesome Dole Whip! This sweet treat is served “Pineapple style” and will refresh you even on the hottest of days!

Castaway Island's Outrigger Grill

Grab & Go Lunch with a tropical flare!

When your stomach starts to grumble from all your floating and swimming, swing on in to the Outrigger Grill for a Caribbean twist on favorites such as grilled chicken, burgers, chicken tenders, & assorted wraps!


Cano, the Goddess of Tides and Queen of Water reigned supreme. While traveling her coastal domain, a vision appeared in a tide pool telling her that her world would soon be lost. She was to take her three children, Earth, Air, and Fire, to a secluded oasis. Cano touched her finger to the sea and created an island. Over this island she placed Kanaloa, an octopus of protection. She then captured the sun and placed it beneath the octopus to create paradise.

Cano needed to send word to her three children to come to the island. She carved directions to this new home on the Tablet of Earth, the Tablet of Air, and the Tablet of Fire.

Cano, Earth, Air, and Fire all lived on this island for thousands of years in peaceful harmony. Cano created a water oasis, Earth created beautiful grounds, Air created a summer breeze, and Fire created the food that would sustain them forever.

Thousands of years later the tablets were found. Archeologists have been working for centuries to decipher the location of this cast away island and they are close. Kanaloa and the Tiki Guardians will ensure this oasis is preserved for all of time.