Screeem Team

Thinking about Screeemfest 2024 already...?

Take a look at what jobs we offer during our Fall season! Interviews for Screeemfest positions begin in 8月.

Screeemfest Makeup Artist

Are you passionate about creating spine-chilling looks that bring nightmares to life? Have your make up looks always looked better with some fake blood? Makeup artist might be your path, click below for position details…


Screeemfest Haunted House Actor

Want to unleash your inner monster? Does scaring the daylights out of our Guests sound intriguing to you? Haunted House Actor may be your path, see below for position details…


Screeemfest Ops Team

Does “unleashing your inner monster” not sound fun to you but still want to be a part of the Screeemfest action? No problem! Screeemfest Ops Team may be your path see below for position details…


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