Canobie Critter – (Mascot/Costumed Character)

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our team to bring our Canobie Critter (mascots) to life! As a Canobie Critter, you’ll be spreading joy and laughter to families of all ages by roaming our Park, taking photos, and making special memories for our guests.

You’ll be responsible for performing in giant, oversized costumed that roam our midways. Characters include Molly the Mouse, Dapper the Dog, Patches the Teddy Bear, Bruno the Bear, Garrett the Parrot, Petey the Parrot, and Kimba-Sue the Kangroo. You’ll need to maintain a high level of energy and enthusiasm throughout your shift to keep the fun going. You’ll be responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of yourself and others while in costume.

Team Members will switch between wearing a costume and being a handler, which is escorting a Canobie Critter on any given day.

This is a physical position involving bending over, lifting, and dressing in oversized character costumes in warm conditions.

This position is part-time and seasonal (April – October).

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