Antique Carousel

Our genuine antique carousel dates back to 1903, with 46 various animals.

An authentic 1922 Wurlitzer Duplex Orchestral Organ provides the music. The Carousel has both standers (animals that are stationary) and jumpers (animals that gently rise and fall) as well as benches, so there is seating for everyone.

About this Attraction

  • Wheelchair entrance is through one of the two exit gates and up steps.
  • The ride seat is a carousel animal or bench.
  • Guests must be able to sit balanced on carousel animals or sit on a bench in an upright-seated posture.
  • Companion assistance may be required to access the load area and board the ride vehicle.
  • Do not ride this ride if you have balance problems or are prone to motion sickness.
  • Wheelchair access to bench seat is not provided because of closeness of carousel animals.

Opening Day is Saturday, May 29th! See You Soon!