Blue Heron Lake Cruise

The Blue Heron Boat Cruise is a serene 20-minute pontoon boat ride that takes you through the shimmering waters of Canobie Lake.

During your cruise, you will pass along the shore of Canobie Lake and see the park from a unique perspective as well as the intriguing real estate, architecture and horizons of the towns of Salem and Windham, New Hampshire.

Blue Heron Lake Cruise at Canobie Lake Park

About this Attraction

  • Wheelchair entrance is through the entrance gate.
  • The ride seat is a bench seat or a wheelchair tie-down.
  • Guests must be able to sit in an upright seated posture or attach their wheelchair to the wheelchair tie down.
  • Companion assistance may be required to assist in the loading and unloading process.
  • Do not ride this attraction if you are prone to motion sickness.

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