Haunted Houses

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A cargo freighter went missing for years and turned up in an old fishing town. Many believed it had met its end at the hands of treacherous weather or piracy, but the truth was far more chilling. You couldn’t resist boarding the ship to find out the truth about what happened to the crew and you discover the unimaginable horrors lurking within.

After seeing how this crew ended up you can’t help but wonder will you succumb to the same fate…

Pinecrest Sanitarium


Under the leadership of a new Director of Psychosurgery, a shockingly high number of patients were failing to return to society.  Gain access to the depths of the facility and learn the real dark secrets of the Pinecrest Sanitarium.
The Breech


It’s been 3 years since the dead began to walk and NERA is making their final stand. You don’t want to be caught in the crossfire.



You could hear the sirens and alarms for miles. You could also hear the blood-curdling screams from those inside Facility 235. The staff tried to cool the reactor core, but nothing they did could stem the devastation. Then it was too late. Too late to save the facility, too late to save themselves.

So here they remain, not quite dead, certainly not alive, patrolling the grounds, resuming their former tasks. Radiation can exert strange mutating effects on the human body, not to mention what would be left of the mind. Ready for the tour?


The Carnival came to town… and never left.

Neither did anyone who ever visited this sinister circus. There was something “off” about Carnivus from the day they set up in the far reaches of a desolate field. The manager was a clown, as were all the employees – in the very literal sense, with garish makeup that seemed to be permanent. The incessant carnie music was haunting, the freak shows all too real, the evil laughter echoing into the night. And visitors to Carnivus?

The clowns thought they were delicious. Step right up, folks. It’s showtime!

Fireworks Friday Nights from July 5 to August 23, weather permitting!

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