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Season Passes

Canobie Lake Park is proud to offer Season Passes!!!


Please Read BEFORE Deciding How to Purchase

All Season Passes must be purchased by July 4, 2022.  There will be no additional Season Pass sales (including upgrades) after July 4, 2022.

There are two prices for season passes: Regular Online Price and In-Park Special Price.

Option 1) Buy Online in Advance of Your Visit at Regular Prices

Regular Online Prices are $139 for Basic and $199 for Platinum.  You will use the voucher that is emailed to you to get into the Park the next time you visit.  Once inside the Park, please visit our Welcome Center with your voucher to have your photo taken and receive your actual pass.

Option 2) Upgrade once inside the Park through In-Park Pricing

In-Park Special Pricing (reserved for guests already inside the Park using another type of ticket to get in) are: $99 for Basic and $159 for Platinum.

Upgrading your one-day ticket once inside the Park using In-Park Season Pass pricing is fixed at $40 off Regular Online Pricing (not the value of what you paid for your one-day ticket).

*Please Note: Depending on the price of the one-day ticket on the date you choose to attend, it may be more beneficial for you to buy online at regular price in advance of your visit.  The actual final price you paid for one day tickets is not credited towards the purchase of season passes, it just allows you to access In-Park Pricing.


  • When purchasing passes for your immediate family, each family member over the age of 3 will need their own Pass.
  • Basic Season Passes may be upgraded to Platinum for $60 at our Welcome Center before July 4, 2022.  If you arrive on a date your Basic Pass does not allow access to the Park, you can visit the Guest Services Windows at the Park Entrance to upgrade to Platinum for $60 before July 4, 2022.
  • Please note: Prices subject to change without notice.
  • Anyone purchasing and/or using a Canobie Lake Park Season Pass agrees to our Terms and Conditions.


We encourage you to purchase your tickets online in advance for ease of entry.