Scream, splash & play at Canobie! Come on out for summer fun



From midway classics to the latest arcade games!

  • 3-Point Challenge
  • Balloon Bust
  • Balloon Race
  • Baseball
  • Blockbuster
  • Boathouse Casino
  • Can Alley
  • Chukkaball
  • Cookoo Cabs
  • Duck Pond
  • Fishing for Frogs
  • Fishing Well
  • Fool The Guesser
  • Main Arcade
  • Paintball Hollow
  • Plinko
  • Pinball Parlor
  • Puzzle Rooms
  • Quarterback Challenge
  • Ring Fling
  • Rope Ladder
  • Short Shot
  • Skeeball
  • Top Aim
  • Water Gun
  • Whac-A-Mole
  • Wooden Nickel Arcade
  • World Cup Challenge

Puzzle Rooms

You have 6 Minutes to Solve the Puzzles!

NEW for 2017!

Step into our brain busting puzzle rooms. You're going to need critical problem solving skills to either find the gold in the Policy Mine or earn your freedom in the Wardens Game! Play one room or both! Each room has a countdown clock of only 6 minutes... can you solve the puzzle? The Puzzle Rooms are located in the Wooden Nickel Arcade, next to the Mine of Lost Souls.

Game Room

Located by the Upper Train Station

NEW for 2017!

Lane after lane of fun, Game Room is located in the center of the Park by the Upper Train Station. Redeem your tickets for great prizes!

Pinball Parlor

Located in the Bear Lodge

New & Classic Pinball Machines

Visit one of our newest gaming area, Pinball Parlor! Play some of the newest and refurbished nostalgic pinball games all in one spot!

World Cup Challenge

Located by the Upper Train Station


Test your soccer skills in our World Cup Challenge! Kick enough soccer balls in and you can win an Apple Watch!

3-Point Challenge

Located by the Xtreme Frisbee


Test your skills at our 3-Point Challenge Game. Get as many shots in before the buzzer as you can and you may just walk away with an iPad!


Located near the Starblaster


Toss your bean bag to knock down all of the blocks and you could walk away with a brand new iPad!!

Top Aim

Located by the Junior Sportscars


Get a ring on a bottle and win a huge prize! Get a ring on the GOLD bottle, and win a TV!

Feller's Folly Ladder Game

Located by the Log Flume

Win a Giant Stuffed Animal!

Test your balance in making it to the top of the ladder. Ring the bell and get a HUGE PRIZE!

Paintball Hollow

Located by the Giant Sky Wheel

Just For Fun!

Grab some safety goggles and test your aim by firing dozens of live paintball rounds at our target-filled shooting gallery!

Main Arcade

Located by the Dodgems

Redeem for Great Prizes!

Enjoy dozens of arcade games where you can redeem tickets for great prizes! Redemption is available at Game Room and the Boathouse Casino.

Midway Games

Between the Dodgems and the Yankee Cannonball

Great Prizes!

Enjoy: Short Shot, Top Aim, Duck Pond, Balloon Bust, and Can Alley for some great prizes!

Midway Games

Between Yankee Cannonball and Starblaster

Great Prizes!

Enjoy: Fool the Guesser, Quarterback Challenge, Blockbuster, Chukkaball, and Water Gun for some great prizes!


Located by the Wipeout

Win great Canobie Experiences!

Headphones, hats, assorted electronics, free games, free photos, line-cuts, experiences and more are just some of the rotating prizes available at Plinko!

Pitchers Challenge

Located by the Starblaster

Win Sports Memorabilia!

Throw at least 3 strikes... and you WIN!

Boathouse Casino

Located by daVinci's Dream

Redeem for Great Prizes!

Take in the beautiful view of Canobie Lake while enjoying ticket-based versions of Vegas-style slot machines. Win big and redeem your tickets for great prizes!

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