Play These Exciting CANOBIE Games... For Great Prizes!

From midway classics to the latest arcade games!

3-Point Challenge

Do you have what it takes?View Game

Balloon Bust

Test your aim!View Game
Balloon Race

Balloon Race

It's a race to the skies!View Game
boathouse casino

Boathouse Arcade

Fun For Everyone!View Game
can alley

Can Alley

Speed + Accuracy = WINNER!View Game
CooKoo Cabs

CooKoo Cabs

It's a race!View Game
Duck Pond

Duck Pond

Pick a Duck!View Game
Fishing Well

Fishing Well

You're goin' fishin'!View Game
Game Room 2.0

Game Room

est your balance in making it to the top of the ladder. Ring the bell and get a HUGE PRIZE!View Game
hang time

Hang Time

How long can you hold on?View Game
paintball hollow

Paintball Hollow

Test your aim!View Game

Palace Arcade

The perfect mix of classic and brand new arcade games!View Game
Canobie Lake Park Pinball Parlor

Pinball Parlor

What will you choose? Vintage or Brand New?View Game
Pitchers Challenge

Pitcher’s Challenge

How fast is your pitch?View Game

Policy Mining Co.

Do you have what it takes to mine for treasure?View Game
Canobie Lake Park Puzzle Rooms

Puzzle Rooms

Step into our brain busting Puzzle Rooms… you’re going to need critical problem solving skills to escape!View Game
short shot

Short Shot

Do you have what it takes?View Game
top aim

Top Aim

Go for GOLD!View Game

Water Gun

Sharpen your aim!View Game


Modern twist on a classic game!View Game
Wooden Nickel Arcade

Wooden Nickel Arcade

Fun For Everyone!View Game

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