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Ice Jet en Canobie Lake Park

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Columpios alpinos

Embark on a delightful adventure for little ones as they soar gently through the air on the Alpine Swings. A perfect (and smaller) alternative to DaVinci's Dream. View Attraction
Carrusel antiguo

Carrusel antiguo

Step back in time aboard our historic Antique Carousel, crafted in 1903, where 46 meticulously carved animals bring whimsical joy to riders of all ages.View Attraction

Coches antiguos

Cruise back in time on the Antique Cars, modeled after classic Model-A cars from the 1900s, for a nostalgic journey through history.View Attraction


Buckle up for a timeless joyride on Canobie Lake Park's Autobahn, one of our oldest kiddie attractions, featuring a fleet of adorable miniature vehicles.View Attraction
Blue Heron Lake Cruise at Canobie Lake Park

Blue Heron Lake Cruise

The Blue Heron Boat Cruise is a serene 20-minute pontoon boat ride that takes you through the shimmering waters of Canobie Lake.View Attraction


Set sail on our charming kiddie Boats, where little adventurers can ring the bell aboard their own miniature boat for a delightful aquatic adventure.View Attraction
Paseo familiar de la Patrulla del Puerto de Boston en el Parque del Lago Canobie

Patrulla del puerto de Boston

Embark on a thrilling voyage aboard the Boston Harbor Patrol, a circular motion ship ride that simulates a whirlwind adventure for all ages.View Attraction
Paseo acuático Boston Tea Party en Canobie Lake Park

Fiesta del Té de Boston

Experience the exhilarating splash of history, where passengers recreate the famous event, promising a thrilling ride with a colossal splash.View Attraction

Canobie 500

Take a whopping 5 mile per hour ride in old-style sports cars, reviving the thrill of vintage motoring in a charming amusement park setting.View Attraction
canobie express

Canobie Express

Climb aboard the Canobie Express, a real steam engine train chugging along the scenic shores of Canobie Lake with picturesque views.View Attraction

Isla Náufrago Laguna Lil' Squirts

A vibrant water play area for young ones!View Attraction
Parque acuático Castaway Island en el lago Canobie

Fortaleza de lluvia de la Isla Náufrago

An exhilarating aqua structure where guests can climb, slide, and splash through a maze of water-filled fun!View Attraction

Toboganes de la Isla Castaway

Three exciting river slides, offering twists, turns, and splashes for endless water-filled excitement.View Attraction
Río de mareas de la Isla Castaway en el Parque del Lago Canobie

Río de mareas de la isla Castaway

Enjoy the relaxation of a lazy river with the added excitement of rolling waves for a refreshing aquatic adventure.View Attraction
Paseo familiar con orugas en Canobie Lake Park


Enjoy a whimsical journey on Caterpillar, where you'll be cocooned under a charming cover as you go around and around, adding an extra layer of fun..View Attraction

Tazas locas

Spin into laughter and delight on the Crazy Cups, where colorful cups twirl and whirl in a frenzy and provide fun for all ages.View Attraction

El sueño de DaVinci

Experience an exhilarating flight through the air on swings, inspired by the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, for a thrilling adventure like no other.View Attraction


Navigate through a lively arena filled with other riders. Will you be dodging collisions or will you be the collider? Put on those racing gloves and give it a try!View Attraction
Atracción familiar Kiddie Dragon Coaster en Canobie Lake Park

Dragon Coaster

Brace yourself for two exhilarating loops around the track! The Dragon has twists, turns, ups, and downs, this ride promises double the fun!View Attraction

Camiones de bomberos

Set imaginations ablaze on the Fire Engines! Little ones can take the driver's seat and ring the bell as they navigate their own colorful fire engine.View Attraction
Paseo infantil Flower Power en Canobie Lake Park

El poder de las flores

Get groovy on Flower Power, an attraction inspired by 'The Whip'! Young adventurers can hop aboard and feel the breeze as they whip around the curves. View Attraction

Noria gigante

The Giant Sky Wheel offers breathtaking views and gentle rotations. At 80ft tall, you get a bird's-eye perspective of the Park's beauty!View Attraction
Paseo en helicóptero para niños en Canobie Lake Park


Little pilots can captain their own colorful helicopters, soaring through the air with the power to control their ascent and descent.View Attraction

Chorro de hielo

Prepare for a frosty thrill on the Ice Jet, an exhilarating spin on the classic Matterhorn! Enjoy a chilling journey, swooshing both forwards and backwards!View Attraction


Jeeps - Keep an eye out for lions!View Attraction

Saltar de un lado a otro

The Jump Around is a fully interactive family ride that is sure to be hot among kids of all ages.View Attraction
Jungle Bounce Kids Ride en Canobie Lake Park

Rebote en la jungla

Passengers are slowly lifted approximately eighteen feet into the air...View Attraction

Deportivos Junior

Leave the driving to the kiddos on this scenic car ride designed to put your little ones in control.View Attraction
Canoas para niños

Canoas para niños

Carrusel infantil

The Kiddie Carousel provides young children the opportunity to enjoy the merry-go-round alone.View Attraction
Policy Pond Log Flume

Canal de troncos

Mina de almas perdidas

The Mine of Lost Souls tells the story of two boys from Salem, Billy and Bobby Hollander, and their adventures in the Mine.View Attraction
Mini Dinos

Mini Dinos

The Mini Dinos is a rotating and elevating ride that allows children to experience the dinosaur age.View Attraction
Mini Skooter

Mini Skooter

The Mini Skooter is a scaled-down version of the Dodgem, designed especially for children.View Attraction

Sobre el arco iris

Multi-faceted ride allows guests to spin carts at their own pace.View Attraction

Barco pirata

Carros Pony

Carros Pony

On the Pony Carts, our younger guests can go back in time.View Attraction
PsychoDrome Thrill Ride en Canobie Lake Park


Canobie’s mysterious Psychodrome is home to a classic carnival “scrambler” with the added thrill of music and strobe lights!View Attraction

Gallos revoltosos

“Down on the Farm” is the theme of the Rowdy Roosters.View Attraction
Salvamento marítimo-terrestre

Salvamento marítimo y terrestre

The Sea/Land Rescue is a rotating and elevating ride which features eight World War I “Red Baron” style biplanes.View Attraction
Skater family ride at Canobie Lake Park


Each and every rider gets the sensation of riding on a skateboard through a half pipe.View Attraction

Cazas del cielo

In 3 … 2 … 1 … Blastoff! Up, Up and away on the Sky Fighters. Kids get their first opportunity to fly to the moon aboard NASA flight CLP.View Attraction
Clásico familiar Sky Ride en Canobie Lake Park

Paseo por el cielo

The Sky Ride imitates the action of a ski lift.View Attraction

Star Blaster

You’ll experience forces equivalent to 3 G’s when you blast off on this 80-foot drop tower!View Attraction


Race your way across the desert in your very own tank!View Attraction

Giro turco

“It’s just like the spin cycle of a washing machine.”View Attraction

Twist & Shout


UNTAMED is Canobie Lake Park’s newest roller coaster and there is nothing like it in New England!View Attraction

Carrusel veneciano

Two levels of fun!View Attraction
Atracción familiar Wave Blaster en Canobie Lake Park

Onda Blaster

Wave Blaster is the adult version of the Jump Around.View Attraction
Atracción Wipeout en Canobie Lake Park


You’ll catch plenty of waves on this multifaceted flat ride!View Attraction

Frisbee Xtreme

Spin on a giant rotating disk as you are swinging through the air on the Xtreme Frisbee!View Attraction

Bala de cañón yanqui

The Yankee Cannonball is a fine example of a traditional wooden roller coaster.View Attraction
gravedad cero

Gravedad cero

Round and round you go!View Attraction

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